Going West Coast Road Tripping with TripleSpot – and I Need Your Advice!

Last September, I was invited to the launch of TripleSpot, a mobile app that’s all about finding and sharing the greatest experiences in your own backyard and abroad. Rather than centre around reviews, TripleSpot is all about activities. The entire experience is broken down into twelve categories, including “Do Good”, “Make Something”, “Get Some Culture”, “Go Out Tonight”, and of course, “Eat & Drink”.

Jumping ahead to November, TripleSpot ran a contest to crowdsource the best weekend adventures from around the world. At the end, five winners took home $2,000 to go travel and TripleSpot their experiences – including yours truly!

Deciding where to go was hard. For a long while, I hovered between Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Iceland, but each location came with its own concerns, largely around resources and planning. My visit to Singapore and Japan last year was WONDERFUL, but very intense. For this trip, I want to unwind (and not worry about language barriers), so I’m going to explore my own backyard; down the US west coast I go!

This is where I need your help. At this time, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco are the major stopping points, but I know very little about what’s around them and between them. If you have any favourite experiences along the US west coast that might fit into “Get Some Culture”, “See the Sights”, “Get Outside”, “Learn Something”, “Get Sporty”, “Hear Music”, and “Eat & Drink”, I’d love to hear about them and their stories! The less common the better, though if you know a unique twist to a common experience, that’s awesome too.

Thanks, guys! I really appreciate the help!

Disclaimer: To be totally clear, by accepting the contest disbursement, I’m obligated to post a specific amount of content to their network. For full details, see TripleSpot’s Weekend Adventure contest terms and conditions.

  • http://www.canuckshockeyblog.com/ Chris (@lyteforce)

    While I can’t say I know much of what’s around the US west coast, Ive always wanted to cruise along the Pacific stopping from B&B to B&B.