What is fiftytwocreatives?

With 2014 just around the corner, I’m reviving the fiftytwocreatives project, and this year, I’d love to have you guys join me!

fiftytwocreatives is a framework to help you become a better, more prolific creative.

For a full year, participants start and finish a new creative project every week. No matter your discipline, all are welcome! By no means are you limited to your craft, either. Push your boundaries. Invent a dance! Cook a meal! Learn a song! If you’ve ever wanted to try something, now is the time.

At year’s end, participants have 52 (or more) completed works to use as they see fit. If you’ve been wanting to start a creative career, this is an amazing way to build a portfolio, develop your skills, and practice delivering on demand.

Sound good? Join in! Here are a few additional points to get you started, though you’re free to modify them as needed:

  1. Creative works must be started and completed on the same week. You’re cheating yourself if you’re not pumping out new ideas.
  2. Projects must be published or shared with an accountability partner before 06:00:00 AM (your local time) every Monday, with week one ending on January 6th, 2014.
  3. Want to diversify? Switch genres any time you see fit! Try as many disciplines as you’d like.
  4. Sadly, plagiarism is a thing, so posting excerpts is okay – provided the actual work is complete. Stay the course!
  5. Submitting parts of a larger project (e.g. writing the first draft of a chapter, designing sounds for a song, sketching a painting, etc.) is totally acceptable. This is not an opportunity for laziness, but a chance to tackle larger or more involved works.
  6. Not sure where to post your work?
  7. Documentation, either publicly or privately, is highly recommended. Keeping notes will help you track your progress, but can also help you review and improve your creative process.
  8. Once you get going, let us know! Tag your social posts with #fiftytwocreatives, join us in the fiftytwocreatives Facebook group, and comment on this post to tell us about your fiftytwocreatives and where we can find it.

Have questions? Please leave them below. Otherwise, onwards! – to a more creative 2014!