#FTC2014 Week 01 – Time: First Breath

For the concept, I imagined someone waking from hibernation in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps a sharp draw of breath. I imagined the frigid air. An addled mind. Searching. And then clarity.

Written in 4/4 – or “one”.

Enjoyed it? I want to score for more games and films! If you or someone else needs a soundtrack, please give me a shout at [email protected].

Timeline: January 2nd, 2014 – January 2nd, 2014
Contraints: See project concept.
Software: Ableton Live 9 Suite
Instruments: Ableton Stock Library, Output Sounds REV, Sonic Couture Geosonics, Native Instruments Halcyon Sky

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  • http://www.keyofgrey.com sean

    Sounds good! You should do a full Seven Lions treatment of this.

    • Jeremy Lim

      Sir, as soon as I get to that level, I will GLADLY Seven Lions it out. That man’s an absolute genius.