#FTC2014 Week 02 – Time: Second Chance

After last week, I started rolling themes around in my head. First week, second week, third week … time!

Week 01 was written in 4/4 (or one). Week 02 arrives in 2/4 as a march. The time signature lead the percussion and the rhythm of the strings; using the title as a premise and the pace as a guide, the rest quickly came together.

Definitely an 80/20 week. The arrangement came together in the first evening. Spent the next few days tweaking velocities and adding nuances. I wish I knew how to play all of these instruments so I wouldn’t have to nudge velocities one by one.

Enjoyed it? I want to score for more games and films! If you or someone else needs a soundtrack, please give me a shout at [email protected].

Timeline: January 7th, 2014 – January 11th, 2014
Rules: Must be written in 2/4.
Software: Ableton Live 9 Suite
Instruments: Native Instruments Kontakt 5, Native Instruments Action Strings, Native Instruments Monark, Output Sounds REV, Sonic Couture Geosonics, Heavyocity Damage

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  • Jonny S

    Orchestral stuff rocks dude. Would be dope to hear your compositions in a film or video game someday! It’s nice you post the tools you use. So many cool VSTs for composers out there. Listening to demos on spitfire audio, cinesamples, soundiron, etc gets me jammed up!

  • Jonny S

    On a side note, i’ve started studying rhythm and drumming recently. Really intrigued by different ways of breaking up and mixing pulses in measures. Polyrhythm and polymeter is a new concept to me and something I hope to delve into from a percussion perspective this week. Have you experimented with much of it yourself Jeremy?